h1. An Introduction to the Theocracy of the Pale
The title theocracy of the pale originates from a geographic location originating on the old Greyhawk campaign map. The reason for the choice of this title is threefold: it’s a catchy sounding name and most of the campaign should be set in the classic Greyhawk world. Many of the adventures will start with standard modules, though many of the modules leave room for improvisation. It’s hoped that the players will have a certain amount of volition of their own, in that case the outcome of even a standard module can be different from its original intention, though of course that’s not necessary. That’s the starting point of the campaign, as players develop and expand so will the campaign and the adventures, hopefully.
The third reason for this campaign’s title is that it gives a clue to the rules governing the campaign: this is a “AD&D original” campaign (AD&D 1e) . Woops! It shouldn’t be difficult for anyone familiar with other editions to adapt, and it could add a fresh, new outlook to anyone with familiarity with other D&D editions. Some of the rules regarding character development, expansion, and progression have been relaxed, but not the character classes of AD&D1e. Help will be made available for anyone needing guidance, further information, what have you concerning the AD&D 1e rules.

Theocracy of the pale